we are the only company in Pakistan to attain Distributor ship for
world-renowned brands like Motorola, Vertex Standard, etc
Azam Enterprises (AE) was established in 1978 in response to the accelerating requirements in the Pakistan
for advance equipment in the fields of radio communications, telecommunications and
other professional high technology based system.


Assisting with the orderly migration of users to ESN, this team will be the gate-keeper of change. They will assure your mission critical environment is protected at all times through best practice, industry-leading policies and processes.
About Us

  • Authorized Commercial Importer
  • Authorized Distributor of VHF/UHF Wireless Communication Radios
  • Authorized Distributor AIRBAND and Marine Radio Equipment and accessories
  • OEM Brand for Maintenance Free Batteries
  • OEM Brand for UPS/Inverters and AVRs
  • Certified Engineers for Repair & Maintenance Facility


AE mission is to provide Pakistan region with highest quality , reliable and state-of-the arts telecommunications systems and services in line with the client’s needs and the ever charging improving technologies.

We strive to understand the requirement of our customers and conform to those requirements at all times, right from the initial phase , we work towards the development of satisfactory solution in a timely manner taking into consideration a safe environment. We believe in continuously improving our processes and quality standards and will keep striving to do this, Maintaining Azam Enterprises Integrated Systems as a recognized leader in its field of telecommunications system and services industry.


AE Vision is to be the leading telecommunications systems provider in the Pakistan and create Long lasting strategic partnership with its clients. This could be achieved through continuous improvements driven by AE organization’s teamwork , innovation , pursuit of excellence and benefits of its clients as well as sustainable partnership with leading manufacturers of Telecommunications System and Products.


AE trusts to fully accomplish our vision , breathing and living on daily basis the following nonnegotiable values instilled in the heart of every AE staff and its entire organization:-

People : Inspire its people to be the best they can be through continuous development and training.
Productivity : Be high effective , lean and fast-moving organization.
Portfolio : Provide its clients a portfolio of quality telecommunications system / product brands and services that anticipate and satisfy clients’ needs
Partners : Grow a wining network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual enduring value .
Pleasure : Customer satisfaction through reliable pre- and post-sales services.
Pro-active : Remain aware of ever- changing and advancing technologies and needs of its CLIENTS, Be responsive & act swiftly to provide our clients needs.
Passion : Committed in heart and mind towards our mission and vision
Project Execution

Azam Enterprises have developed an internal procedure to ensure that Information is shared across the various disciplines required to complete a timely and successful installation of systems

- Management of Site installation team
- Co-ordination of site works other contractors
- Attendance at site meeting as required
- Generation of cable schedules and power requirements
- Generation of Work Program
- Testing , Commissioning & Maintenance
- A Built Documentation
- Compliance of systems with relevant standards
- Compliance of system with Performance parameters / specification

Our Networks

Our network available in major cities of Pakistan to provide solution and rapid response. Service Center, assistance would provide a full - fledged support in our goal, which is on long term basis which leads us to maintain a good image of our organization in the present market and foresee tremendous growth by our previous sales record. Refer to the customer above parapet.
We have retained and Grow among the Industry .

CSD Department

Azam Enterprises commitment to customers goes well beyond selling communications equipment of the highest international standard. We have developed a highly responsive service and supportnet work that guarantees all customers prompt and accurate service, no matter where they are. Our services personal are located through out Pakistan. Azam Enterprises customer service includes installation and commissioning of equipment, systems integration, on - site training , maintenance , and the provision of spare parts. Training on the installation and use of equipment is also provide.

Innovative Quality, Durability And Reliability

The strategy, of Azam Enterprises for all products, is to look forward in the way of innovative quality, products durability and its reliability. Durability can be assured by water resistance and in deep mud accessibility. Reliability is of after sales service, which Azam Enterprise owes to the customers. The strategy would always review demand and needs of the customer, which is our prime importance.

Cost Effective

Price places a vital role in today’s competitive global market. We evaluated the market on the bases of price priority. Price is the basic issue and customer are very much cost conscious which leads to competition and further on to quality working at a low margin in order to receive maximum sales, is our policy