Seamless Technology Migration and Reduced Network Deployment Risk
Seamless Technology Migration and Reduced Network Deployment Risk

Rely on our integration experts, world-class resources and proven processes to prepare your network for deployment.
Integrating all the components of a communications system is complex. From system staging and acceptance testing to site preparation, installation and commissioning, our integration experts ensure your communications network is deployed to specification - on time and within budget.

Leveraging years of experience in designing, building and deploying mission critical networks worldwide, our teams help you overcome system integration challenges and mitigate deployment risks. Through proven and repeatable design, assembly, and testing processes, we ensure the highest level of system quality is achieved in our System Integration Centres so that field implementation is smooth and flawless. In addition we work with you to migrate users to the new network – causing minimal disruption to users, and reducing the end-to-end cycle time of overall deployment.

Whether you are looking for a full turn-key deployment, or to utilise Motorola Solutions expertise to mitigate specific implementation risks, our integration services provide you with a cost-effective and disciplined approach to manage small or large and complex projects.


Leverage our highly experienced integration centres and deployment teams
Take advantage of Motorola Solutions' 85 years of wireless expertise to assist you with every phase of preparing your mission critical networks to support your operation — from assessment and design through implementation — enabling smooth migration and rapid deployment and adoption of your network.

Reduced complexity and end-to-end deployment
Through careful planning, extensive testing in our integration centres, and professional project management, we manage the end-to-end integration of multi-vendor and multi-technology solutions so you can focus on what matters most – your mission.

Reduce your risk and increase performance
With Motorola Solutions’ Integration Services, you can be sure that your networks are truly mission critical ready, able to provide the performance, availability, security, scalability, and interoperability required from the first day.